Do It Yourself Gardening Advice


advice from a long line of gardening enthusiasts

Honest to goodness how to garden advice from a dedicated family of "hand-in-the-dirt" hobbyists and master gardeners with a passion for all things "garden." Not that we have all the answers, but we're happy and feel blessed to be able to share our experiences with you.  We hope you find this site helpful in your gardening adventures!

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how to Maintain your Garden  

Detailed, step by step instructions for how to prepare, plant and grow your garden, for vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers. 

Even a beginner can learn how to garden in style. Add a spiral herb garden for a decorative touch to your garden or landscaping.

our goal:

to Take the mystery out of how to garden 

Gardening can be simple, fun and rewarding when you have the information you need.  Whether you're looking to supplement you family's food supply, provide culinary or medicinal herbs, or even simply share in the joy that fresh flowers bring, our goal is to help take the mystery out of learning how to garden.

You can learn how to garden and grow vegetables at home!

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"How TO" garden
​ Instructions

How to garden advice & information to help you plan your garden, such as different types of gardening, where to use them, and gardening tips..

Storage instructions and
suggestions for how to make the most of your garden harvest. Tasty & healthy garden recipes too! 

Gardening advice for each season: Learn how to nurture
your garden, and what to do about common garden pests & problems.

Not sure where to start? 

Our advice for new gardeners to start simply and small.  Don't overwhelm yourself by taking on more than can be reasonably handled!  This will just cause stress, and detract from your experience as you learn how to garden.  

Here are some suggestions for where to start:

  • Benefits of gardening
  • How to plan your garden
  • How to prepare your garden's soil

You'll find that our how-to-garden instructions are simple and complete, providing the advice you need for growing your best garden.  Learn gardening tips and helpful information like:

  • Detailed instructions for planting your garden
  • How to get the best yield from your garden
  • How to water your garden efficiently (without overwatering)
  • What fertilizers to use, in the garden, and how to apply them
  • Gardening pests and challenges to keep an eye out for
  • How and when to harvest your garden crop
  • How to freeze, dehydrate, or can & preserve your garden's harvest for storage
  • How to harvest seeds to grow in next year's garden

General gardening Information